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Our Promise

It's our mission to bring the most reliable and quality garage door services in the Mount Washington Valley and Western Maine. We continue to educate ourselves on the newest products available and receive all the latest in training and certifications available in the garage door industry. We want you to feel confident that we have the knowledge to properly install, repair, and service your garage door.​

Residential & Commercial Service

  • Garage Door Installation

  • Automatic Door Opener Installation

  • Torsion Spring Repair

  • Extension Spring Repair

  • Broken Cable Repair

  • Door Overhaul (roller, hinges, springs, cables, etc)

  • Door Panel Replacement

  • Truck Door Repair

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

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Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door

Torsion springs are a wear and tear part that typically breaks when you reach 10-12k cycles of garage door usage.  When the spring breaks the home owner usually hears a load "bang" or "snap". Following this you will notice the garage door being too heavy to lift manually or when using a garage door opener, the opener will only be able to lift the door a few feet off the ground. We stock common sized residential torsion springs and can get your car out and door up and running again with minimal down time. 

​Extension springs are another type of spring system found on garage doors and are found running parallel to the horizontal tracks . Extension springs have a pull cycle life and when fatigued will have stretched or broken coils. When broken or fatigued the door will either be very heavy to lift manually or when using a garage door opener, the door will only lift a few feet off the ground. We stock all sizes of 7' & 8' high extension springs and can have your door back up and running with very little down time. 

Service & Maintenance

Garage doors and door openers consist of numerous parts and require yearly maintenance.  The most notorious wear and tear parts that will cause a door to become unreliable or broken are caused by rust or broken strands, causing the door to become stuck closed or sitting crooked. Bad rollers, bearings, pulleys and hinges can cause the door to be noisy, bind, run erratic and unreliable. Over time garage door openers can break and fail. Many of these parts consist of capacitors, logic boards, gears, sprockets, relays, motors, limit switches, and transformers. We also stock replacement remotes and keyless entries. 

Our Work Speaks for Itself

There’s nothing more important than your garage doors working properly, so we tackle every project like it was our own. Our commitment to repair and customer service excellence has resulted in a list of very satisfied clients. We’d love to add your name to it.

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